We are Shootsta

Why do video production companies hate us?

We’re taking the traditional video production model and shaking it up. Calling out a professional crew can cost between $5-$7k. This is a budget many businesses simply can’t afford. Not to mention the hassle of trying to organise your CEO for what should be a 5 minute shoot. Because of this, video output is irregular, the messages are mixed and there’s no consistency for viewers. 

We came from the corporate video production world and constantly had clients tell us they wanted to produce internal, marketing or promotional videos every week but it was just too hard and too expensive. We realised if we could equip companies with the right gear and training they could film their own content and we could do all the heavy lifting with the post production. And that’s when Shootsta was born. 

The Crew

We’ve scoured the earth looking for the most talented, passionate and unique individuals (not really, it’s just a coincidence that half of our staff weren’t born here). Here’s a sneak peak of our style outside of work, click on us so we can show off these cool videos we shot. 

Talina Neal

Customer Experience Manager

Daniel Chiha

Communications Manager

Luke Walker

Content Producer

Ben Lana

Creative Content Strategist

Harvey Dixon

Business Development Manager

Gary Mitchell

Business Development Manager

Want to be a part of team Shootsta? Send us your CV or showreel.

Advisory Board

We’re lucky to have some seriously talented people on our Advisory Board. Whether it’s about strategy and expansion or products and service, our combined knowledge keeps us driving forward.