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What is Shootsta?

Shootsta has disrupted the video production industry and offers a unique subscription model which provides the tools and resources to empower Brands, Governments & Institutions to create high-quality video content cost-effectively at scale – ready to share in 24 hours.

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The Shootsta Kit includes a DSLR camera, LED light, tripod, mics, autocue and an iPad. We also provide on-site training and feedback on how to make your videos look better with constant support so you can create beautiful content in no time.


Once you’re done capturing your magic moments you can upload your footage to the Shootsta HUB along with any details we may need. Your HUB contains all of your video content and cutaways so you can create new branded project quickly and easily. Seriously this platform is a thing of beauty – you’re gonna love it.


We’re notified as soon as a new project comes through and your dedicated video editor begins creating your video. We start with your branding guidelines and add your logo animations, lower third titles and music as well as take care of all the colour grading and cuts to make sure your video shines. You’ll receive your masterpiece in as quickly as 24hrs. Crazy right! 


Time to show the world (or maybe just your office) what you can do. Our video editing service can tailor a video for a 15 sec clip on Instagram, or we can upload it automatically to your social channels, not a problem. We can also help with business video hosting and analytics so you can really see the ROI. 

Client testimonials


  • QANTAS - Clare Robinson

    “The Shootsta Hub is really important to Qantas, it’s really intuitive and easy to use.”
    “We’ve been really surprised with how much this service has resonated through the organisation.”
    “It’s the best communication tool we have.”
  • ServiceNow - Natasha Wolf

    For ServiceNow, we weren’t sure how video content fit into our wider communication strategy and as we went through that process Shootsta was beside us the whole way holding our hand. One of the key things shootsta has provided us with is a tool to easily communicate the value our product can offer a company
  • ADOBE - Gerardo Contreras

    “Ideas come really fast, having the Shootsta kit in the office is great because you just take the kit out, shoot the video and in less than 24 hours have that content rolling in your social media channels.”
    “Today, content is not just a marketing responsibility. It’s sales, communications and everyone, Shootsta is perfect for that. Anyone inside the business can grab the kit, shoot their idea and get it to market in 24 hours.”
  • SOCIAL GEN - Jeff Yang

    “I feel video is now important for all businesses as clients and customers are demanding more information from us than ever before.”
    “We use videos in a way that helps our clients create deeper engagement and connectivity with their ideal audiences on social media networks.”
    “If a picture tells a thousand words, then a sixty second video tells millions”

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