Client videos

Video Types



Made for sharing! Everyone loves a hot sizzling event video that simply screams “Don’t you wish you were there!?” or “Hey everyone look at this shiny new thing we are launching!”. We love event videos more than any other video production company because of the endless uses and they usually contain some seriously fun content.


Okay, now you’re confused, what is the difference between a marketing video and a promotional video again? We don’t actually know, so go elsewhere. Just kidding! We’re into business videos, so we do know, just come closer ( whisper volume ).


Why do we make testimonial videos? Because we want people to trust in us and what we have to offer. Searching for customer testimonials and reviews is a huge part of the buying decision and with more information than ever it’s not hard for people to find out what people are saying.


Sometimes the Shootsta crew order pizza to the production house, gather around the big screen and watch the latest Apple product demo video, because they are that awesome. The best product demo videos aren’t just about features, benefits and functions. They are about something bigger, the greater story you are trying to tell about your brand.


Did you know we remember 65% more if we see visuals, hear audio and read words combined; compared to only 10% if words are presented alone. So it makes sense if you want to teach or train, do it through branded training videos!


“Ahhh, now I get it. Cool!” Is the reaction you want when they watch your explainer video. Explainer videos are usually presented by a person, short in length and have a very specific goal. Let us show you how to make your videos look better.