#AtTheBar Episode 7: Amy de la Force – Marketing Specialists | Justify Content Investment

Join Mike Pritchett, CEO Shootsta and Amy de la Force, Head of Content at Switched On Media in the October Edition of At The Bar.

Episode 3 of 4


Welcome back to week three of four here with Amy de la Force Head of Content from Switched on Media.

Let’s just straight into it. Cheers, welcome back!

What would your advice be to people wanting to get into the content marketing space and be specialists in that space?

From a Content Marketing perspective you’re looking at writing, so what seems to be the thing is that you get a lot of journalists or ex-journalists that want to jump in because they have the writing background. They are very well placed regarding being able to write to their audience. That’s a good place to start; having the right writing skillset.

Also, I think being curious, attention to detail, really having a want to find out what people are looking for and help provide answers for them regarding content.

A question that everyone gets asked when you’re not on client side is the annoying ‘can you make my video go viral?’ That’s always fun. But on a more realistic question, how do you try and guarantee that the target audience will see the content?

There’re two parts to that question; the first part is having an excellent understanding of who that audience is and the types of things that they’re going to be engaged regarding content.

From an amplification perspective, once you create this amazing content you’re going to want to get it in front of your particular audience whether that’s wide or granular; this is where paid social media is very much your friend.

Organic reach on platforms like Facebook is quite low now and a lot of brands have felt that pinch. So really what you’re looking for is being able to promote that content to the right people at the right time to get the results that you’re looking for.

You talk a lot about ROI, measuring and testing, how should marketers justify and calculate how much they should be investing in a good content marketing program?

It’s related to business objectives. If you’re thinking about how to justify it, It’s very similar to the way you would approach how you would justify spending for SEO or UX in terms of providing those solutions.

Content Marketing is closely linked with that SEO side, for example, our team works quite closely with our organic media team at Switched on Media. Essentially you’re looking to leverage people’s abilities; search for content and have you, as a brand, provide content that’s helpful, relevant and engaging.

Now we’re moving on to Talina’s would you rather. The last one was a doozy, let’s see how we go with this one.

Would you rather hear the song It’s A Small World After All everytime someone asked you a question or hear Church organs every time you take a step?

I really like Church organs so I think I’d probably go with that one, although really, the novelty is going to wear off pretty quickly.

Thank you so much for joining us again!

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