#AtTheBar Episode 5: Amy de la Force – Metrics | ROI

Join Mike Pritchett, CEO Shootsta and Amy de la Force, Head of Content at Switched On Media in the October Edition of At The Bar.

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Welcome back to our at the bar series where we invite special guests to hang out in our kitchen bar once a week for a month and share their wisdom and expertise in September we had Nick Whitehead the Head of Marketing at Viostream and for October we’re chatting with Amy de la force.

Amy is Head of Content at Switched On Media. Switched On Media is a fully integrated digital marketing agency ….here we go! With experts in paid media, UX, content marketing, creative services, influencer marketing, SEO and social media.

With a background in journalism and marketing Amy has gone from Lead Writer at Sydney cool hunters the Agenda Daily to leading Apple’s in-house agency creative services across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia and now at Switched On Media.

Thank you so much for joining us at the bar! It’s quite a history you’ve got there and some big roles! So now at Switch On Media what is your role and what is your vision for that role?

I’m head of content which is quite exciting. I have a copywriting and design team that I lead to drive business outcomes around creative solutions.

The vision, so there’s three things really that we strive to position ourselves as.

The first one is strategic so we’re looking at the data powered inside that Switched On Media is known for and figuring out exactly how to tap into solving business objectives both from, you know, a sales and marketing perspective and also the content.

Also, we are creative, so that’s one of the key things for us, it’s not just about the strategy, it’s also how to implement that strategy and creative in innovative ways.

Finally, we’re measurable, so we want to make sure that everything that we’re doing is measurable regarding KPIs and business objectives around that content and what it’s trying to achieve.

That’s a huge part of the measurability is always a challenge. For you, how do you tie conversion metrics to a specific piece of content?

So I think the key is that it’s always really around clients objectives. For example, with the top of the sales funnel piece, traditionally you’re looking at awareness and attracting people from organic search, so the types of metrics that you’ll be looking at are things around traffic and increasing that as well as KPI’s that are attached to the content itself. For content marketing, that’s very much getting people to sign up to use that.

So the marketing managers obviously want the bottom line and the ROI, but the CEO’s and the Board always want ROI and bottom line. How do you define and decide which metrics to focus on to get a return to the bottom line?

It’s interesting with ROI because it’s not as easy to measure as some of your other verticals, like the paid media side of things which is calculated for you, it’s simple, they’re numbers there.

Content is a little bit trickier and dependent again on where you’re attributing, there are ways to do it, however, they’re pretty complex calculations, so you’d want to have a head for maths. But, it’s doable.

When you’re looking at more leads-based conversions, particularly from a B2B perspective, it’s a little bit tricky, but it’s still doable.

Now that we’ve gone through the fun stuff a very serious question…This is Talina’s would you rather, and there’s going to be one of these asked each week at the end of our interview, so you’re ready?

Would you rather have a tattoo on your forehead that says content for life spelt with a ‘4 LYF’ or have to carry with you a giant Instagram frame everywhere you go….forever?

I have a lot of tattoo’s already, so content 4LYF I think, it’s probably doable. If I had to carry Instagram frame…don’t know, how long is that [Instagram] gonna be a thing for?

Yeah, nice one! Thank you so much for joining us at the bar!

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